Thursday, June 7, 2012

HookedBad is closed!

A few weeks ago I closed HookedBad and opened TinyTangles

You can now connect with us at (our blogspot)
Twitter @TinyTangles
Instagram @tinytangles

Also. I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate! Click THIS LINK for details on how to enter!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T-Shirt ReFashion (NO SEW!)

*I apologize in advance for the picture quality. Uploading these photos to my old computer really ruined the quality*

I love re-fashioning t-shirts. I've done many before, but this is the first one I did on my own, with out a tutorial! 
This was my first run. 
I used one of my absolute favorite shirts on it, so I am super happy that it turned out okay! 
However, since it was a test run, I didn't take any picture of the process. 

This was so easy, and fast. I did it all (including taking pictures) during an episode of The Office.
I am not at all handy with a sewing machine, and when I sew by hand the needle is drawn to my fingers like they're little pin cushions, so I used a hot glue gun! (I know what you're thinking "Who hot glues their clothes? Does that even work?" The answer is YES! It works magically, and holds up in a washing machine too!) 

So here's what you'll need:
1. An old t-shirt you can't part ways with 
(or one that is just kinda big and unflattering) 
2. A hot glue gun, and glue sticks
3. Chalk. 

Let's get started, shall we?
Here is my not so flattering shirt that I refuse to let go of. 

Step 1: Tee to Tank
Cut the neckline and sleeves off right around the seam. Save the sleeves, they will be used for pockets!

Step2: Creating the Shape
Then draw chalk lines so. You want to make them right before the shirt curves into the armpits so that the shirt just goes straight down. 

Step 3: Cut and Paste
Now cut just before the line (on the outside part that is going to get cut off) 
You want to still have the line there for the next step! 

Turn the shirt inside out. Now, glue along the chalk line that you left showing. (The chalk line should go from the middle of where the sleeve used to be down.) I glued it from the top of the line down, only gluing little sections at a time. 

Step 4: Creating a Halter
Draw a line from arm hole to arm hole. 
And cut! 

Step 5: Chose your size. 
Draw a line with the chalk around the collar, as thin or think as you want. (I personally like it to be thinner around my neck)
And cut! 

Step 7: There's a wocket in my pocket
Cut the sleeve in half along the thinest seam line. 
Draw lines to create the shape of the pocket. 
Make sure you make both pockets the same size. 
Glue the parts OUTSIDE of the line. 
You will then fold them over and attach them to the shirt. 
This is what creates an expandable pocket
When gluing the pocket on, line each one side with the edge seem, 
and line the bottom up with the top of the bottom hem of the shirt. 

Step 8: Fall in love
Try on your new ReFashioned Tee
Wear it. Enjoy it. Take tons of pictures in it! 

I hope this helps! If you make it, I would LOVE to see pictures! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Check-In

Obsessing over:  How freaking cute this Chugg (chihuahua/pug mix) puppy is that I am going to see
Working on: Posting new things on Etsy 
Thinking about: What I should eat for dinner
Anticipating: Going in to Ludy's (a local restaurant) tomorrow to try to get a part time, kitchen job. 
Listening to:  TV
Drinking: Water, 
Wishing: Dinner would make itself! And that you guys will go check out my new etsy posts! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Turn T-Shirts Into an Infinity Scarf.

This no sew project is so easy, you could do it in bed
I know, because I did! 

What You'll Need: 
Two old shirts, scissors and a glue gun. 

A glue gun is for an optional step, so it's optional. 

How To:
Step 1:
Cut the shirts all the way across, right under the sleeves. 
I didn't draw a line where I wanted to cut. I just eyeballed it

Step 2:
Cut both shirts in half alone the hem line
Step 3:
Cut strips about 1 inch long along the edge of both shirts
Step Four:
Tie the strips together. 
This will be inside, so don't worry about how ugly it looks. 
this is the out side of the scarf. 
Then I took a band of extra material i cut off and tied it around the part that I knotted. This is optional. 

You can either repeat steps three and four on the other end and be done, 
OR do the following steps for the other side! 

Step 5:
Cut both shirts into three even strips about 3 inches long. 
I eyeballed it, so it isn't exact. 
Also. Note the Hello Kitty socks. 
 Then cut each of those into three even strips
(Which I apparently forgot to get a picture of)
Then Braid! 
Each step should have three braids
Step 6:
Hot Glue the braids together
Just put a line of hot glue over one, squish the other one to it, and cut off the excess
Step 7:
Wear it. Enjoy it. And take lots of pictures! 

PS: This is my first tutorial..EVER! So any, and all, feed back is greatly appreciated! 

Monday Check-Ins

Obsessing over:  How great my (finally) finished tattoo is and this scarf I am working on. 

Working on: A Sugar Cookie scarf, cupcake cozies and brooches...Oh and becoming a better blogger. Hence the Monday Check-Ins. haha
Thinking about: How tired I am, and how I can convince Kevin to make me some food.
Anticipating: My mid-afternoon nap! I have the whole week off of work, so I am excited for a week of crochet and naps. 
Listening to: Gossip Girl on Netflix
Drinking: Water, but debating getting a Soy Chai from Starbucks to wake me up and get me started on my crafting
Wishing: Starbucks delivered. I VERY rarely have coffee, tea and never drink soda...but a Chai Tea sounds SO delicious to me right now!