Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Turn T-Shirts Into an Infinity Scarf.

This no sew project is so easy, you could do it in bed
I know, because I did! 

What You'll Need: 
Two old shirts, scissors and a glue gun. 

A glue gun is for an optional step, so it's optional. 

How To:
Step 1:
Cut the shirts all the way across, right under the sleeves. 
I didn't draw a line where I wanted to cut. I just eyeballed it

Step 2:
Cut both shirts in half alone the hem line
Step 3:
Cut strips about 1 inch long along the edge of both shirts
Step Four:
Tie the strips together. 
This will be inside, so don't worry about how ugly it looks. 
this is the out side of the scarf. 
Then I took a band of extra material i cut off and tied it around the part that I knotted. This is optional. 

You can either repeat steps three and four on the other end and be done, 
OR do the following steps for the other side! 

Step 5:
Cut both shirts into three even strips about 3 inches long. 
I eyeballed it, so it isn't exact. 
Also. Note the Hello Kitty socks. 
 Then cut each of those into three even strips
(Which I apparently forgot to get a picture of)
Then Braid! 
Each step should have three braids
Step 6:
Hot Glue the braids together
Just put a line of hot glue over one, squish the other one to it, and cut off the excess
Step 7:
Wear it. Enjoy it. And take lots of pictures! 

PS: This is my first tutorial..EVER! So any, and all, feed back is greatly appreciated! 


  1. That's awesome!! What a neat idea! I'm so doing this!!

    1. Post pictures when you do! I'l love to see!